The past couple of weeks have proven to be mighty interesting as far as graphics cards were concerned. We’ve seen Nvidia launch its GeForce GTX 200 series graphics cards, followed by AMD’s initial roll out of the Radeon HD 4800 series and Nvidia firing back with the factory overclocked GeForce 9800GTX+ card. Well, AMD is certainly not about to simply give up without a serious fight.

Not only did the company today unveiled its faster HD 4870 units, but they are reportedly also getting ready to counter Nvidia’s recently released GeForce 9800GTX+ card with overclocked Radeon HD 4850 cards in the second week of July – to coincide with the 9800GTX+ availability date. According to TG Daily, 4850 overclocked cards are likely to come with a core that is clocked about 50 MHz higher, while the GDDR3 memory will also get a speed boost. Of course, cooling will also change as these cards are known to run pretty hot even at their default clock speed.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention as to how much these cards would cost but we should supposedly expect them from integrators such as HIS, Sapphire and Diamond to hit retail shelves in the next few weeks.