Google is used to being king of search, and increasingly they are becoming used to being king of web video as well. YouTube continues to prove its success, despite numerous setbacks and legal disputes. According to recent statistics, YouTube has grown 26% to dominate 75% of U.S. traffic to web video sites, putting just about every other video service to shame. This marks a continuing year after year trend in which YouTube viewership is expanding.

We must now wonder if people like Mark Cuban are regretting calling YouTube a bad investment. Google originally acquired YouTube back in 2006 and have so far remained true to their promise of letting YouTube largely run itself. So far it has been very successful, though I don't know if it has compensated them for the $1.65 billion they poured in on top of all the legal costs involved in protecting it. Google has stated they intend to expand YouTube's "Advertising" potential, though didn't shed much details on how.