SSDs are really nice to read about, even better to look at but just too expensive to own at this point for most of us. I'd certainly love to put an SSD in my laptop, but with any respectable size costing more than half the price of the laptop itself, there's no justification in doing it. Some 128GB units go for as much as $23 per gigabyte, lower-cost 32GB units with older and slower might run as low as $10 per gigabyte, but even then the cost is prohibitive.

Those costs are not only preventing people from adopting them, but making it a poor choice for mass storage. Is OCZ going to change that? That would certainly be nice, and according to some recent rumors they might be on the verge of making drives as large as 128GB for costs at less than half existing units. Very little information is available – it isn't even mentioned if it is part of OCZ's existing series or if they are planning a new series. There is nothing on OCZ's site either, though supposedly they will be making an announcement soon. Rumors aside, it would be great to see SSDs enter into an “affordable” price range.