Rhapsody is giving their digital music service a facelift, uncoupling their music from both DRM and from proprietary software. Under their new system, you'll be able to purchase and download music in the form of mp3s without needing any extra software installed on your system, a big plus to people who aren't fans of things like iTunes. They are also playing up some other advantages they have over competitors like Amazon with their ability to preview full songs before purchasing.

They claim the changes are being brought about by a change in the attitude of the industry, in both what people are willing to buy and what the media companies are willing to offer. They are extending this service to their various partners, including Yahoo and MTV Networks.

Early this year, Amazon added some big-name customers to their list of song suppliers, such as Sony BMG. They started making a name for themselves in the music market by selling DRM-free music, something that a lot of us had asked for but not very many companies were willing to give.