TechSpot battles Google for best PC support info (thank you community) I set out to find sites with searchable forums or articles that let you dig for answers right away, without any registration or other sign-up; you just search and go. I found 12 that fit the bill. To my surprise, a free service named TechSpot gives Google a run for its money at finding solutions for PC problems.
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Microsoft Announces Futuristic-Looking Arc Mouse What immediately caught our eye was the new Arc Mouse, a collapsible wireless mouse designed to be both stylish and portable. Priced at $59.95, the Arc will be released this Holiday Season. Maximum PC.

European retailers sell out at iPhone 3G launch European retailers were sold out of the new iPhone 3G before stores in the US even opened on Friday, thanks in part to strong marketing from Apple's mobile partners. Apple Insider.

Google, Viacom now clashing over YouTube employee records Viacom wants to know which videos YouTube employees have watched and uploaded to the site, and Google is refusing to provide that information, CNET News has learned.