Texas Memory Systems has introduced what it claims is the world's fastest, most capacious solid state drive: the RamSan-440. It is not intended for the consumer market, though, but rather for enterprises willing to pay its hefty price tag in exchange for top performance, fast speed and high storage capacity.

Starting at around $140,000, the RamSan-440 can sustain a record setting 600,000 IOPS (input/outputs per second) and is available in capacities of 256GB and 512GB - four times that of its predecessor and now entry-level RamSan-400. It uses DDR2 RAM to deliver 4Gbps random read and write speeds with a latency of less than 15ms and NAND flash modules in a RAID configuration for data backup.

While such a costly and complex system might seem like overkill for a market still wary of SSD deployment in enterprise systems, TMS says it has already deployed similar products among customers in financial, telecom, e-commerce and other fields in which downtime or processing lags are not tolerated.