Crysis is without a doubt one of the most graphically demanding games to come out for the PC in recent years, and we all know what a chore it can be to get it running at decent frame rates. Well EA might have come up with the answer to that problem, according to a company representative, as it plans to market PCs specifically built to run their latest games.

Apparently, the game publisher is getting ready to market Crysis Warhead-branded PCs in conjunction with the game's release. The rigs would purportedly come in various configurations - which correspond to the game's levels of graphical detail - and carry a price tag in the region of $600 to $800.

This coincides with previous reports that Crysis Warhead will be playable on lower spec machines thanks to optimizations made to Cryteks's CryENGINE 2. It should be noted however that, if true, EA isn't likely to get into the market for pre-built systems but rather partner with an existing PC maker for Crysis-branded machines. Of course until EA officially confirms it, these reports should be taken strictly as rumors.