Following in on Dell's footsteps, HP has decided to issue a BIOS fix for laptops that feature potentially faulty Nvidia chips. The computer vendor has posted up a list of all 24 notebooks that 'may' be affected by the flaw, admitting that the Nvidia defects were known since late last year when HP began covering failed GPUs under warranty.

Symptoms include lack of video output, inactive status lights, and booting problems. As with Dell systems, the new HP BIOS makes the fan spin faster and for a prolonged amount of time so as to keep the GPU from overheating.

In addition, the company also announced a "limited warranty service enhancement" for affected notebooks that's valid for two years from the start of the regular warranty coverage period. While not offering to swap for new laptops, HP says that if a laptop meets certain criteria then it may be eligible for a free repair. Further details are available at their website.