Sales of GTA might be in trouble in Thailand, but the Eee PC Box certainly isn't. Asustek's new desktop venture of the Eee PC, light on hardware and light on price, was only recently introduced to the market and targeted a niche that nobody was sure even had an audience. Apparently it did, and while only a small number were shipped to Taiwan, reportedly they are already sold out.

That's not bad for only being released five days ago. It isn't mentioned what software was sold with those systems, but if it is anything like the launch in the U.K. it was just Windows.

The Eee PC Box is certainly cheap, but not the cheapest we've seen desktops in recent years. Asustek is selling on more than just hardware, and it seems to me as they get closer and closer to "mainstream" hardware that the Eee lineup was simply a way to get an edge in midrange hardware, ultimately letting the "small-budget, small-system" category be filled up by their competitors such as MSI.