This morning my Inbox graced me with about a dozen CNN "News Updates", which beyond half a glance revealed themselves to be spam. What I first surmised to be a fluke has now proven to be a massive influx of spam over the past day, with MXLogic releasing a statement warning people of the huge surge in "CNN Spam".

Apparently, within the past 24 hours there has been a significant rise in these particular types of emails, claiming they alone received 80 million of them in the past day. It varies from other "newsline" spam emails in that they are all using the same or similar subject lines, which contrary to what we might believe would be more effective as spam, according to MXLogic. Given that the subject line remains the same, it would be easier to filter - but for those who actually do receive CNN news updates they might be fooled.

No particular reason is mentioned for the sudden increase in this particular type of spam. For what it's worth, Google's spam filters along with Postini's seem to already be catching it.