As the Eee PC has evolved, more powerful hardware with a higher price tag has been the name of the game. That's somewhat contrary to what they were initially perceived as, a low-cost power efficient alternative to other vendors. But the original Eee caught on so well that Asus has wanted to edge in on territory normally claimed by the entry level or mid-range laptops, and some more information regarding their high-end entries has been revealed.

There will be two models under the "Ultimate" segment, the S101 and S91, and at least four models under the "Pro Fashion" segment, including the 1000HV, 1002SA and 1002HA. This is all in addition to their existing line up which they are calling "Smart Casual", though it still represents a change in direction.

While prices are still up in the air, they will definitely be higher than the entry level units they already offer - which means they are approaching the cost point of a normal laptop. But will the Eee PC be able compete in traditional budget laptop markets?