Asus briefly showed its motion-sensing controllers at the Computex 2008, but it wasn't until today that the company officially unveiled the device - peculiarly calling it a "first of its kind" wireless controller. Dubbed Eee Stick, this Plug and Play wireless controller duo allow users to control PC video games with physical hand movements much in the way the Wii's Remote and Nunchuck does.

The controller comprises of an Activation stick, a Navigation stick and a 2.4GHz RF dongle. Asus says the motion sensors built into the Eee Stick offer three modes of operation: 3D motion, pointing and tilt. In 3D motion the controllers respond to movements along all axes, which the company says is ideal for playing sports, action and beat 'em up games. Pointing is designed for shooting games and tilting mode is for racing or flying titles.

The Eee Stick will be bundled exclusively with certain models of the Eee PC and the Eee Box, along with a collection of games developed or adapted specifically for use with it - though it should be useable to some level with just about any game. No release timeframe or prospective pricing has been given as of yet, but you can read more about the Eee Stick in the press release.