There's no doubt that eventually all the entertainment content you want will be available online. It's just a matter of how quickly the industry responds to a changing market, and a recent statement by Microsoft indicates it is happening fairly quickly. According to the Microsoft VP, there is "no question" that soon digital downloads will surpass retail sales in both numbers and dollars, including in gaming.

The statement is coming from Microsoft's Xbox Europe Marketing VP, showing that the company is vested in the idea of selling console games online. For all their ups and downs, platforms like Steam and EADM have proven to be successful. Though some vendors remain resolute that online sales just lead to piracy, the smart ones see which way the wind is blowing. Microsoft is seeing this firsthand, with $240 million in digital download sales. In fact, the business is picking up so quickly that one example, Steam, is expected to overcome Valve's retail sales within 4 years.