More people are starting to agree that the RIAA's tactics, legally in the clear or not, are an attempt to extract way too much money for supposed damages. Some of those people include Judges, such as one who recently decided that the $750 to $30,000 allowed in copyright cases per "infringement" is beyond excessive. The Judge is deciding damages against a girl who has been targeted by the RIAA, and has said that a figure closer to $200 per song is more appropriate.

It could definitely be worse for the girl who was targeted. She was found guilty of copyright infringement for a total of 37 songs, which she'll now have to fork over $200 each for. Even though it's still a considerable amount of money for an individual, it is still a good sign - as non-technical people, particularly Judges and others who will be dealing with cases of copyright infringement, learn more about the situation at hand, the more they will see how ridiculous these media giants can be.