Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about Windows 7, carefully revealing only little bits of information about the OS - specifically that it would use the same driver model and basic kernel approach as Windows Vista and that it is reworking the whole user interface with a multi-touch experience in mind. But the secrecy stance over at Microsoft is slowly changing, or so it seems.

Today Microsoft is launching its Engineering Windows 7 blog, hosted by two senior engineering managers for Windows 7: Steven Sinofsky, who is in charge of the Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group; and Jon DeVaan, head of the Windows Core Operating System Division.

While neither of the only two blog entries thus far provides any useful info regarding Vista's successor, Sinofsky did at least say that the company plans to "provide in-depth technical information about Windows 7" at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) and the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in late October. It remains to be seen how much or how deeply Sinofsky and DeVaan plan to discuss Windows 7 on the blog, but at least it's a start.