Reeling a bit from losing performance leads to AMD and suffering some financial setbacks, Nvidia has been a bit quiet lately. Well, they broke that silence today with the introduction of a card that seems sure to please PC builders on a budget: the GeForce 9400 GT.

The new card adds absolutely nothing new to the growing 9-series lineup, and isn't intended to be sold as a workstation or gaming card. It is, however, sold at very low cost - as low as $59. That $59 will get someone a card capable of playing back HD video (though they don't mention if that encompasses all HD video or just some). They don't say much more on the unit, though there is really not much more to say. It's rumored that the card will be on par with the 8500 GT and unlike many "low-end" GPUs will have an active cooling system on it as opposed to just a heatsink.