Klausner Technologies, a patent-holding company that has won settlements from a number of companies, is continuing its litigious ways. The company has filed a new lawsuit against Google, LG, Verizon and six other firms for allegedly violating patents related to visual voicemail.

Each of the companies being sued currently implements some form of visual voicemail, including Google with its Google Talk Voicemail feature and a recently unveiled service from Verizon that works on the LG Voyager and other phones. Anticipating the attack, however, Verizon filed its own lawsuit against Klausner two weeks ago seeking to have a federal judge declare the visual voicemail patent invalid.

Klausner Technologies hasn't revealed the amount of damages they are seeking in the suit; but when filing a similar suit against Skype, Comcast, Apple, and others last year, they demanded as much as $360 million in collective damages.