Even the largest supporter of Blu-ray, Sony, has admitted that it is the end of the road for optical technology. At the same time they also claimed it would be around for years to come, providing plenty of capacity and versatility for quite a while. Given how long CDs and DVDs are lasting, you might assume that to be 10 or even 15 years. Maybe even more.

Not Samsung, they have a much gloomier picture of Blu-ray. They are also members of the Blu-ray disc association along with Sony, and concur that it's the last optical technology around. Where they differ from Sony is in how long Blu-ray will last. They claim it may have as little as five years. Even if it does manage to survive five years, Samsung thinks that it "definitely" doesn't have 10 left in it.

Some of the cited reasons include increased distribution of high-def content over the Internet, hardware pricing and more. It's interesting when even two big supporters of Blu-ray predict its downfall in the near future.