Intel's CPU roadmap has been updated, with the addition of several planned CPUs in the short term following some being discontinued. For the CPUs that are being discontinued, Intel is planning to phase-out four of the Core 2 Quad processors, ten different models of the Core 2 Duo, three of the older single-core Pentiums and a single Celeron, the E1200. All of the above are being discontinued in a few months.

The updated roadmap is adding a 2.5GHz Core 2 Quad, the Q8300, another Pentium, the E5300 and a single dual-core Celeron, the E1500. The Celeron is especially noteworthy - the 2.2GHz chip is supposedly going to be sold at a mere $53 in quantity. Dual-core computing is becoming truly available even at the "entry-level" market.

Several more CPUs have been announced, all inside their existing lines. Most of them are coming out within the next three months.