If you have been waiting for solid state drives to jump out of early adopter territory, the time is finally coming. SSD makers have been battling it out for months to bring faster, cheaper models to the masses, with Super Talent just recently announcing a pair of new high quality SATA-II SSDs that break previous price barriers.

The new drives are both part of the Super Talent MasterDrive LX series, available in capacities of 64GB and 128GB, which are expected to retail for $179 and $299 respectively – that’s $30 to $90 cheaper than comparable drives from RiDATA and about $4.95 cheaper per GB than Intel’s disks. There are concessions on performance, though, with Super Talent’s drives offering a maximum read speed of 100MB/s and write speeds of only 40MB/s.

Both drives will go on sale this week and will be backed by a rather short one-year warranty.