SanDisk today reached yet another milestone in their pursuit to squeeze more and more storage into mobile devices, with their microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (also referred to as M2) now available in capacities of up to 16GB - quite a feat for a media format that's about the size of a fingers nail.

The 16GB microSDHC card is listing for $99.99 while the 16GB M2 lists for $129.99. The larger capacity should be welcome news for those who use their phones or PDAs for storage-intensive purposes, including music and video playback, high-definition digital camera functions, and gaming - be sure to check your device's compatibility before purchasing, though, as the new microSDHC format might not be compatible with all devices that support the microSD cards.

SanDisk's new memory cards come with five year limited warranties and will be available from Best Buy Mobile stores in October and Verizon Wireless stores in November.