What are Nintendo's plans for the Wii in the near future? A new console, perhaps, after rumors and hints of what they have in store to succeed the Wii. Precious little in terms of details has been offered up from Nintendo, so much of what people know is speculation, but it seems that Nintendo is planning a Wii successor called the Wii HD. It is not a refresh of the existing hardware, but rather a redesign - and as the name suggests, the console will support high definition content.

One statement was made that compared this next-generation Wii to the Game Boy being succeeded by the Game Boy Advance. If so, the "Wii HD" might get a massive hardware upgrade.That direction is somewhat different than what Nintendo has taken in the past. Since the release of the Wii, they have claimed that hardware isn't everything - and they were proven right with the tremendous success of the console.

The new console, if indeed on track, is estimated for a release in 2011.