Early last month, we heard news about Nvidia looking to reduce the number of partners that resell their hardware. The intention, they claimed, was to reduce market clutter, thinking it would be easier on end users to select from a handful of vendors rather than dozens.

Little information was revealed as to how many and specifically what vendors would be cut. The rumors hinted at primarily smaller partners. Today, a bit more information has been discovered. It's still not officially coming from Nvidia - they aren't saying a word about this - but apparently at least five partners in the EU will be cut, which may include Foxconn and Club 3D. If this is true, it lends more truth to the notion that Nvidia wants to remove "smaller" partners from the reseller list.

It may be an image issue that Nvidia is fearing, which would be especially bad for them given that current estimates put AMD at the head of the game in terms of GPU technology. Nvidia might see their large number of partners as detracting from the "Nvidia image."