CyberPower has just introduced the Gamer Xtreme XI, an Intel Core 2 Extreme based system designed with gaming and performance computing in mind. The Gamer Xtreme XI combines a factory overclocked Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 quad-core processor running at an impressive 4.0GHz, with a pair of powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 cards featuring SLI and PhysX support.

CyberPower claims their system can handle even the most graphically intense computer games, but as you might expect it also carries an obscenely high price tag. Starting at $4939, this beast features 4GB of Corsair's DDR3 PC1333 Dual Channel memory, twin 500 GB SATA II 7200 RPM hard drives in a RAID-0 configuration and a LG Blu-ray / HD-DVD optical drive, all this enclosed in an NZXT Khaos full tower case - which offers no extraordinary features and at $400 is just a poor choice (read our review) for an already expensive gaming rig. For an already generous price tag, they could have done better in that aspect.

The CyberPower Gamer Xtreme XI should go head to head with the likes of the HP Blackbird 002 and Alienware Area-51 ALX and can be ordered now (and further customized) at CyberPower's website.