Every industry has its few elite companies that offer products at a considerable price premium for those that can afford them. In the computer case industry there's only a handful of names that fit this category. Since the early days of case modding and shiny silver brushed aluminum, Lian Li cases have existed.

Perhaps one of the most famous premium computer cases is the Lian Li PC-60 which was released roughly 8 years ago and at the time cost a cool $200. Back then spending over $100 on a computer case and power supply combo was considered quite extreme, yet somehow Lian Li convinced many that it would be a good idea to spend $200 on a case without a power supply.

In all honesty the PC-60 was a very bland computer case, and while it had a certain prominent style, it never appealed to me. Despite being wrapped in sheets of brushed aluminum, I was able to resist the price tag, and stood by the cheaper more traditional steel cases. Over the years Lian Li released several more box-like cases that were constructed entirely from aluminum, making them both light and ultra expensive.

However, more recently they have unleashed a number of new and exciting looking cases, like the gaming oriented Armorsuit PC-P80 and the Tyr PC-X2000. The latter, which we are reviewing today, is a full tower gaming/home theater PC (HTPC) case that was released just a couple of months ago and represents one of Lian Li's flagship offerings at the moment. Measuring an impressive 68cm (26in) tall and wrapped in black aluminum, this new case comes at a suggested retail price of $590, that’s right almost $600!

Just recently we reviewed another expensive case, though the $400 asking price of the NZXT Khaos almost looks cheap compared to the Lian Li's Tyr PC-X2000. Even so, at $400 we were shocked at how poorly put together and designed the Khaos was.

But despite of the hefty price tag, the Tyr PC-X2000 looks to be an impressive product, so let's move forward and find what the Tyr is all about.