The Eee is doing very well for Asustek, with a massive 700,000 units shipped last month alone. That was a new record for the company, and they expect it to help carry their total units shipped for the quarter to 1.7 million. Increased competition from companies like MSI, Acer and others hasn't seemed to stop the Eee PC's explosive growth.

Some data that might be interesting isn't mentioned. For instance, how many of that 700,000 are part of the "lower-end" models of the Eee versus the "higher-end," and how many are an Eee desktop versus an Eee netbook. If Asustek sees a large number of the Eees in the "high-end" being sold, it may be even more reason for them to continue to adapt the Eee to a wide market. It has already left the realm of being "entry-level" or being just a netbook, though it's too early to tell if the Eee will fare well when faced up against run of the mill laptops.