Will the next generation of the Eee PC include a touch screen? It seems that Asustek may be planning to launch just such a machine within the next few months, giving them that much more advantage over competitors like the Wind.

If you recall, many "ultra mobile" devices that were pushed a few years back came stock with touch screens, whether for hands or for a stylus. Those devices didn't fare so well - largely due to their higher cost relative to real laptops. If Asustek can keep the price reasonable on the Eee while incorporating this, they could make a touch panel netbook a common thing - something that might even threaten eBook readers, since their touch interfaces are a big selling point.

How will Asustek keep the price down on a touch panel Eee? Maybe they won't, as newer Eee models have been going up in price, rather than down. However, they have loosely mentioned a plan to return to the low-cost market, near the $300 range, next year. I doubt touch panels would be included among them, but we can always hope.