The official release of 3.0, which happened just earlier today, has proved to be immensely popular. So popular, in fact, that the site has been brought to its knees. In response to the "unprecedented" demand, the site has been moved to a slimmed-down, text-only version of the page that does little more than offer links to mirrors.

Whether that demand is demand for the suite itself or just an overloading of their main page proper isn't mentioned, though I'd hope the former - the more users the better. Even with the immense amount of traffic they are receiving, you can still download the suite from one of their numerous mirrors.

This incident is very similar to one we saw back in June when Mozilla's servers ground to a halt and crashed after Firefox 3 went live. Though these situations certainly are "problems," they are encouraging in that they demonstrate the amount of interest people have in open-source projects.