Hot on the heels of the first alpha build for Fennec being released - Mozilla's Firefox browser for mobile devices - Opera has announced a new version of their mobile browser today. The release marks the second Opera Mobile 9.5 beta for Windows Mobile and the first-ever beta compatible with the Symbian UIQ platform.

The changes found in this latest beta are few but noteworthy, including support for widgets to add extra functionality to the browser, faster page loading, and a package of developer tools that includes the Opera Dragonfly debugger. Some Opera Widgets will come pre-installed in the beta to get you started - there's Twitter, AccuWeather, a clock, Shopping List, and a Tetris-like game called Bubbles - but you can download several others from Opera's website.

There is no date for a final version yet, which is expected to include Google Gears and Opera Link support. Hopefully we'll see it before the end of the year, but in the meantime you can grab latest beta here.