Intel is getting ready to unveil its next generation Nehalem architecture in a few weeks, with the scheduled launch of its Core i7 desktop processors. But those hoping to get their hands on a mobile derivative will have to wait much longer as they are not expected to go into production until the second half of 2009.

The mobile Nehalems, codenamed Clarksfield, will be built using the same 45nm production process as their desktop equivalents and also combine the processor with the memory controller hub on a single piece of silicon. The company says Clarksfield will form the backbone of its Centrino 3 platform, codenamed Capella, which will focus on the processor's greater energy efficiency and more advanced power management features.

Intel has yet to confirm when the chips will be available commercially, but should the scheduled production take place, we could see Centrino 3 notebooks hit the market before the end of 2009.