The disputes between Nvidia and Intel led many to believe that SLI on Intel platforms might never happen. Nvidia initially refused to open up SLI to Intel, but to the happiness of enthusiasts everywhere they eventually relented and provided support for SLI on X58 boards.

Fast forward to today and Nvidia is now eager to announce that several huge motherboard manufacturers are preparing X58 chipset boards coupled with SLI, including 3-way SLI. ASUS, EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte and DFI made the list, each of the them preparing SLI boards based on Bloomfield and X58. The 3-way SLI support is probably the most exciting tidbit to pull from all that, even if it would be ridiculously expensive to actually make use of it.

Nvidia had long been reluctant to allow SLI on non-Nvidia platforms, and likewise Intel has often been reluctant to enable use of their processors on non-Intel platforms. Hopefully this change, whether or not it involves heavy licensing fees, is an indication of change.