Keeping the outside of notebooks cool has been a continuous challenge, but Intel has been working on a new technology that could help put an end to this problem and pave the way for "thinner and thinner laptops." In a nutshell, Intel wants to use technology from jet engines to keep laptop enclosures cool.

Speaking at the Developer Forum in Taipei this week, Mooly Eden, Intel's general manager of the Mobile Platforms Group, explained how the inside of a jet engine can get as hot as 1,000 degrees centigrade but, due to its proximity to the fuel tank, its walls are kept cool using a laminar air flow system. The company then demonstrated a system using the same laminar air flow technology applied to laptops.

This laminar jet system is an official design from Intel and can be licensed by notebook manufacturers to include in their own products. The chip maker doesn't name customers but says the cooling system will be crucial to future notebooks.