Last-minute attacks on the impending release of Fallout 3 have been recently started, with some people upset over advertisements that Bethesda has placed. Specifically, people in the Washington DC area have complained about the imagery in the Fallout 3 ads, which often consist of a destroyed image of the U.S. capital. The ads appear in the underground train stations, and it's easy to see how some people might be taken aback by it, but demanding to have the ads pulled is a bit too much.

It's certainly not the first time video game advertising has stirred up controversy. Just a few months back complaints levied against Take-Two and Rockstar's ads ended up getting them pulled from buses, and later protests were held about other publicity stunts.

It's a little late to be complaining about ads now, given that midnight tonight is the official launch of the game. There's been no official response from Bethesda as of yet.