Activision's latest rhythm game, Guitar Hero: World Tour, made its much-awaited debut over the weekend - but the launch didn't go without its share of problems. Specifically, users are reporting a number of issues with the game's peripherals, ranging from malfunctioning microphones to drum sensitivity issues.

The latter problem was widespread enough for Activision to release a formal statement, calling this an "isolated manufacturing issue" while promising to send out a "drum tuning kit" which will allow affected gamers to fix the problem themselves. Drum sensitivity issues aside, it appears that neither RedOctane nor Activision have lived up to promises of instrument compatibility between their games - at least on the PlayStation 3 version - which could strike a serious blow to the companies' credibility.

This certainly isn't what gamers expect when plopping down around $200 for the game plus instruments, so hopefully the companies will address these issues soon.