Update: The $14.99 price on Handango was a mistake made by the publisher and has since been changed the intended $7.99.

There's been plenty of hype around Android and the Android Market, but games haven't been quite as high-profile as they were for the iPhone when the iTunes App Store launched. This should come as no real surprise, given that no one is allowed to charge for their apps on the Android Market until sometime in Q1 2009, but that doesn't mean they can't be sold elsewhere - and that's exactly what publisher EA Mobile is doing.

The company today released two of their most popular mobile games for Android, Tetris and Monopoly Here & Now, with the monster hit Bejeweled scheduled for a roll out next month. You can access eamobile.com from your G1 to grab the games for $7.99 each, or swing over to Handango if for some reason you want to pay nearly twice as much.

EA's move to bring games to Android is sure to be a boost for the platform. Other publishers such as Glu and Namco have also announced their first Android titles, though they are offering them for free hoping to build early market share and profit from it in 2009.