AMD apparently has another name change in the works for their processors, primarily affecting the upcoming 45nm-based Phenom CPUS for the AM3 platform. The name change is intended to simplify the processor designations and has the CPUs named curiously similar to the fashion that Intel uses as well. The new Phenoms will be dubbed the Phenom II X4s or Phenom II X2s, and given a three-digit designation afterward to differentiate models.

For instance, the original name of Phenom X4 20350, a 45nm 3GHz quad-core part, will instead be named the Phenom II X4 920. Sounds quite a bit like “Core 2 Quad XXXX”, doesn't it? The name change will apparently affect all new versions of the Phenoms, including the Black Edition. No name changes for their Opteron-class CPUs are mentioned, nor if they plan to change the name of already deployed units.