Seagate has already made it clear that it has no short term plans to enter the consumer SSD market and that its first such product, slated for sometime in 2009, will cater to enterprise-class users instead. Being one of the largest hard drive makers in the world, it’s easy to see why they would want to protect their investments in traditional HDDs until the market for SSDs is more mature. Thus it’s not surprising to hear their biggest competitor, Western Digital, is taking a similar approach.

In an interview with The Register, WD Marketing Senior VP Richard Rutledge claims that the company hasn’t ruled out entering the SSD market, yet it is waiting for the appropriate opportunity to do so. Rutledge elaborated a little bit, saying the company could consider an entry in the low-end solid-state storage market with devices targeted specifically for “SmartBooks” – a new category of mobile platform that will supposedly slot in between the typical smartphone and the netbook.

All said, it looks like the company is playing a bit of a wait and see game with the SSD market, but certainly believes spinning hard drives are going to be around for a good long time.