Even though Windows is the biggest target for malicious coders, we can't forget that other platforms are vulnerable too. Mac OS X has been targeted several times in the present year by dangerous Trojans, and lately a particularly nasty one has reared its head. The newly discovered Trojan, a variant of an older one, attempts to infect machines and may also download additional files in the future. Currently it only downloads one particular piece of nasty code – though it's speculated a similar tactic could be used in the future to download any number of infections.

This Trojan, dubbed OSX.RSPlug.D, is considered more dangerous than another one discovered this week, OSX.Lamzev.A, as the former does not require local access to the machine. It appears, in a tactic similar to many Windows viruses, as a “codec” needed to view video files. Apple has not yet issued a comment on this, though one question many wish they would answer is whether they will take the Microsoft route to anti-virus protection, not providing it by default or offering it as a stock option with the OS.