No one doubts that the iPhone is a cool device, but there has been a growing group of people around the globe angry at Apple for misleading them as to what it is truly capable of. It has become such an issue that, in the UK, Apple has pulled ads before that were allegedly misleading - and now a second ad has come under fire.

The company has been recently forced to pull an ad for the iPhone 3G, after the Advertising Standards Authority sided with a group of people who deemed it to be misleading when it comes to how fast the phone can browse the web.

Anyone who has used a smartphone before knows that web performance can be very erratic, and certainly doesn't compare to what you get from a broadband connection. But while Apple does indeed leave disclaimers in their ads, people are more focused on how lightning-fast pages seem to load in the ad as opposed to reality. This is certainly not the first time Apple has been criticized for the claims they make about the iPhone 3G's speed and what actually happens when it's in the hands of consumers.