Nintendo is currently the undisputed leader in the gaming console market and it's a well-known fact that, unlike Sony and Microsoft, the company has been turning a profit on every Wii sold since the very beginning. But just how much profit are they making exactly?

According to new analyst estimates, Nintendo currently makes about $6 in profit on each Wii console it sells. It may not sound like a lot, but when you actually consider almost 35 million Wiis have been snapped up to date, one can imagine the high profit Nintendo is making with its popular motion sensing console.

In addition, Forbes points out that Nintendo first-party publishes roughly 60 percent of all Wii games itself – compared to 30 percent for Microsoft and 15 percent for Sony – and enjoys a gross margin on game software sales of 65 percent. Put it all together along with the wildly successful DS handheld and the bottom line is Nintendo is doing very well financially.