Virtually every desktop PC on the planet uses a mouse and a keyboard for input, and yet it is still surprising to hear that one of the biggest names in computer peripherals has shipped its billionth mouse – especially when considering the figure is close to the alleged number of active computer users in the world at the moment. Logitech announced the staggering milestone today coinciding with the same month that the industry celebrates the 40th anniversary of the world’s first computer mouse.

Logitech certainly has come a long way, introducing their first retail mouse in 1985 and producing its 100 millionth unit in 1996. Today the company manufactures an average 376,000 mice per day, amounting to 7.8 million every month, and sells their products in 100 countries worldwide.

The company will celebrate the milestone with a global competition to find the supposedly lost 1-billionth mouse, which rolled off the production line in the middle of November, offering a reward of $1,000 of Logitech products going to the winner. Clues regarding its whereabouts will be posted on the company's blog.