Ever since the first Xbox 360 was released in 2005, its inner guts have gone through periodic revisions to make the console perform better and overall to lower production costs, from the Xenon platform that featured 90nm CPU/GPUs to the all-new Jasper revision which has begun hitting retail shelves with cooler running 65nm parts.

This is a very relevant update, seeing as it may finally solve the 360’s dreaded RROD problems, but how can one make sure to pick up the right revision when buying? Luckily, console modding expert Ben Heck managed to grab an Xbox 360 Jasper and, in a recent post at Engadget, not only he details what’s inside but also clue you in on how to find this model on store shelves. Apparently, it's all in the amps. If the label in the back of an Xbox 360 reads 12.1A instead of 14.2A you got a new Jasper. Check out all the details here.