It’s a known fact that Mozilla is dependent on Google for the vast majority of its revenue and recently the company secured an extension for its search advertising deal through 2011. Apparently, however, things have become “complicated” between the two ever since the release of Chrome back in September.

Google launched the first full version of Chrome earlier this month and recently replaced Firefox with Chrome as the default browser software in its Google Pack application bundle, which could be seen as a threat to both Firefox’s share of the browser market and Mozilla’s revenue source. This has left Mozilla in the strange position of having to co-operate and compete with its biggest financial backer.

Despite the complications, Mozilla CEO John Lilly says he’s confident the company can continue to build on its success. He nonetheless admits they will have to wean off their dependence on Google dollars and claims their three year agreement with the search giant will give them enough time to continue building products and develop other revenue streams.