For as sleek as the BlackBerry Storm looks and as potent of a smartphone as it is, apparently the device is failing to erode any of the iPhone’s market share. Despite it marking an obvious shift in strategy by RIM and trying to show that the company has what it takes to appeal to the consumer market, Apple's sales for the iPhone along with its market share have continued to increase. BlackBerry, on the other hand, has remained relatively steady, changing only a few percentage points over the past year.

What further compounds the issue is that a survey of smartphone users discovered that Storm owners are overall not as happy with their new device as new iPhone owners were. Perhaps some of the issues are related to the arguably botched launch of the phone. On top of having a rather lackluster entrance, with no real “launch party” or big promo events, the phone was criticized after launch due to various flaws. Verizon and RIM did ultimately release a firmware update that fixed many of those initial flaws.

Apple may still have cause for alarm in the near future, however. RIM holds a substantial portion of the smartphone market and unlike Apple has a plethora of different models available, ranging from low cost to high end, across multiple different service providers. They also still have Apple one-upped on business appeal. In the meantime, however, the Storm has failed to cause any dent in the iPhone's sales and probably doesn't have Apple worried.