New MacBooks and Mac minis are on their way, according to Apple Insider. The company is going off the beaten path with their new 17-inch MacBook Pro and Mac mini, as the devices will be centered around Nvidia chipsets, though still using Intel processors. The Mac mini will be relying upon the MCP79 platform, and the Pros are expected to offer GeForce 9600M GPUs. The mini won't quite have that much capacity, as the MCP79 chipset is paired with the 9400M. For such a tiny desktop, the 9400M is still a nice addition.

The products are expected to be announced at Macworld this week, with releases soon following, potentially within the next few days. Also, in what's sure to be a controversial move, the new laptop is reportedly being developed with a “unibody” design that will prevent the end user from removing the battery.

This was a controversial enough move when they opted to implement it with the iPhone, but then it was at least partially understandable. With a laptop, people have many reasons for wanting to remove the battery. Many remove it when it is docked or when in transit, or will carry multiple batteries with them when traveling. What specific advantages a unibody design hold for the laptop Apple hasn't said.