In a move somewhat related to Netflix working with manufacturers to embed streaming functionality into newer HDTVs, Netflix's own Roku box is going to get a technical refresh soon. With the update, the hardware streamer will add non-Netflix services to its arsenal, including Amazon's Video On Demand service. This move was announced in the middle of last year, when Netflix claimed that the Roku would be expanded to offer more services than it did upon release.

Content through Amazon's service must be purchased, and has a maximum bitrate of 1200Kbps h.264, so it won't be the exact same experience that Netflix users are used to. It certainly does fulfill that promise of adding other services to the Roku, though, and hopefully the trend will continue. With the sub-$100 price tag that the Roku comes with, it certainly has any other device beat for the cost of bringing streaming video to your TV. Whether or not it can ever bring true HD streaming into the home is still unknown.