Samsung wants to wow people at CES this year, and intends to do such by proving just how ridiculously thin they can make their products. They intend to demonstrate a TV that is less than 7mm in thickness. The incredibly thin display relies on an LED backlight, as opposed to a fluorescent bulb that most LCD screens use today. Obvious power benefits aside, an LED backlight does make the extreme thinness possible, and this will be the thinnest TV demoed so far, beating an 8mm device manufactured by Philips.

Though CES hasn't officially started yet, many companies are already announcing which products they intend to demo. Samsung will be demonstrating this unit at a press conference on Wednesday and then again at CES proper come Thursday. A TV can only get so thin before you ask yourself what the point is, but clearly this technology has vast application. Netbook vendors, for instance, are constantly battling to see who can produce the thinnest unit of all, and the display is a substantial portion of that.

One major flaw that many see with these incredibly thin LED-backlit TVs is that they do not compare in size to other TVs. I look forward to seeing if Samsung has an answer to such concerns.