Three more netbook models will surface before the second half of this year, with Gigabyte announcing the pending launch of several 10” models soon. Expected in the second quarter of 2009, the new machines are going to be put into a $400 and higher price bracket, making them awfully close to low-cost laptops in price.

Gigabyte is considering lower priced models as well, though no specifics have been made available. They have trailed in the netbook market overall, falling significantly behind MSI and Asus, with a mere 125,000 units shipped. Asus sold in the millions, and MSI came close to a million.

Gigabyte also had commentary on one of their competitors, Asus, who recently posted their first-ever quarterly loss. Gigabyte claims the company was “too aggressive,” with too many products on the market at once and too dependent upon netbooks and notebooks. Given that notebooks have overtaken PCs in terms of sales and netbooks show no sign of slowing soon, it's hard to call Asus “wrong,” but there is a lot to be said about the netbook market being diluted and bloated.