Whether you are experienced in computing or just getting started, you've probably dealt with adware at some point to know that it just brings headaches and breaks computers. But just to be clear we are talking about the worse kind of adware/malware, the kind that uses security exploits to get in, and every trick imaginable to never go out.

The popularity of programs dedicated to eradicating adware is a testament to that. But what about the other side of the coin? What do the programmers behind adware programs think about their own creations?

A recent interview with a former developer of adware gives us a glimpse of some of the strategies employed by these companies to get adware on people's computers. Matt Knox, formerly employed by Direct Revenue, went on record to talk about his experience in writing the very same software that most of us can't imagine someone ever being willing to write. The interview is actually very interesting, with some very direct questions asked and then addressed. Knox discusses the business model of adware along with how his company justified its actions.

As you may recall, Direct Revenue was sued several years ago for distributing spyware and eventually shut down due to the financial and legal pressure put forth on them. While they may not be a threat any more, as long as there are talented coders willing to stoop to the position of writing malware for money, there will always be a problem.