OCZ has added yet another product to its growing line of solid state drives, the Apex series. These drives should fit right between the high-end Vertex series and the more affordable Core line, and take care of the issues many users have been finding with the latter by means of a much larger 64MB cache and improved firmware alongside other minor refinements.

Based on its own testing, OCZ says that the drives can read at up to 230MB/sec and write at up to 160MB/sec, which is surprisingly close to what Intel’s top-end X25-E Extreme SSD have to offer. Three flavors will be available at launch – 60GB, 120GB and 250GB – all with 2.5 inch form factors and 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces.

The company hasn't yet specified any details regarding the availability of the new Apex drives but they are expected to hit the market sometime at the end of this month or in early February. Expect to pay $199.99, $369.99 or an intimidating $829.99 for each of the three respective capacities when they become available.